5 on 5 January 2017

I’ve been invited to start a 5 on 5 project with some lovely photographer friends.

Here are my favorites from December.






Now go visit Leanne to see her 5 favorites.

5 on 5 January 2017

8 thoughts on “5 on 5 January 2017

  1. Sam!! I’m so happy you have joined our project this year. You know what a huge fan I am of your work and you…xo No one does leaves like you and your sweet girls are quite photogenic. How does the boy feel about being replaced by two dogs? LOL! Beautiful work my friend! Stay warm this weekend.

  2. focusinphotography says:

    that last one of the pup and the pear and coffee. love these. glad I clicked on Stephanie’s blog and found that you all are doing this too!

  3. nparizo says:

    I love all these detailed images. I think this is something I need to really try this year. I didn’t realize the first image was taken through the snow globe, so creative!!

    1. sam says:

      thank you. the snowman and the snow globe are two different snowmen….it was hard enough just getting everything to line up with the globe. i won’t tell you how many times i shook it to get a shot i was happy with. :)

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