5 on 5: February 2017

Some of my favorites from the past month.  Knitting, leaves, my girls, and the most gorgeous snow that was gone by noon…my favorite kind of snow.

Scroll to the bottom to continue with the circle.


Thanks for stopping by.  I’m participating in this project with some other lovely ladies.  Please go see what Nicole was up to this past month.

5 on 5: February 2017

6 thoughts on “5 on 5: February 2017

  1. Such a gorgeous blue yarn! Your knitting is always so lovely. The girls in the window…they have it made my friend and the snowy dogwood buds are so hopeful! Spring is definitely showing itself down here in my neck of the woods. Love your images as always! xo

  2. That blue yarn is just divine and I love how you shot it! What are you making these days? I love your image of the snow. It looks like it is just barely hanging on to that delicate branch.

    1. sam says:

      thank you Leanne. :) it’s the ‘swedish lines shawl’. it’s on ravelry. i bought a few kits from Craftsy over the summer, so i’m trying to be good and do them before i order anything else….:)

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